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My aesthetics

I am a jazz bass player and double bass player but also composer, arranger, author of soundtracks. Based in Bari, a city that I love just as I love jazz made in Puglia, but with a strong international vocation.

My jazz is not just a "matter" of notes placed in sequence following this or that order, but rather a continuous flow, where sounds, images and feelings are allowed to breathe deeply, and then at the right time become something else, with a new form and new evocative ability.

The curiosity, the attraction towards the wide sounds deep and poignant, and at the same time the passion for the improvisation typical of jazz, lead me to turn my personal compositional research towards harmonic textures and timbres that blend the languages, looking precisely at the synthesis between writing and impromptu naturalness; where each one has its authenticity and is never a style exercise.

This attitude, as well as characterizing my activity as an author and performer, finds its additional crowning in the creation of compositions and arrangements for soundtracks and film music: this would give voice to that natural instinct that I feel my own and that I have never neglected, despite having gone through all the stages that articulate the training and the musical profession, jazz in particular.

The challenge that I now face is trying to get closer and closer to the world of visual suggestion, to deepen the intimate link between sound, image and composition, that I always carry inside me.

So don’t be surprised, browsing my site, if in addition to reading about records, collaborations, concerts and awards, you will find some open door to a world still to compose.


This playlist is a small selected musical path, in which you can listen to some of my compositions, interpretations and collaborations. While listening to this playlist you will notice that over the years I have taken part in projects artistically and stylistically very varied and distant from each other! The first 8 tracks are personal compositions (some of which are on both co-lead records, with different arrangements); in the following tracks you will hear me play the bass, in these tracks my electric bass and/or double bass lines and improvisations are at the service of original compositions or jazz standards of other authors.

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I believe that art and music do not necessarily have a definite and definitive motivation or purpose.

I feel that my music is suitable to accompany the images as a soundtrack, yet during the path of composition, I rarely evoke an imaginary scenario or specific subjects, I rather try to let me lead solely by inspiration and feelings.

I recommend to put aside any visual and sound prejudice and consider the music (including mine) in its most unfathomable and intimate essence, connecting it, if you will, to your personal scenario.


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