I had the pleasure of participating in dozens of events and festivals throughout Italy, including:
Bari In Jazz, Medimex, Materadio, Multiculturita, Veneto Jazz, Jazzit Fest, Jazz per L’Aquila, Live Tones Napoli, Jonio Jazz, Argojazz, Gezziamoci, Mifajazz, Siena Jazz, Tuscia Jazz, Ismez Live, Jazz Medici’s Villas, Francavilla Jazz, Jazzin Andria, Maratea Jazz, Timezones, etc.


And in some prestigious Italian Theatres and Auditoriums including: Kursaal Bari, Anfiteatro Romano Benevento, Teatro Impero Trani, Teatro La Fenice Venezia, Casa del Jazz Roma, Maschio Angioino Napoli, Politeama Greco Lecce, Teatro Giordano Foggia, Auditorium Gervasio Matera, Teatro Forma Bari, Auditorium S.Cerri Milano and many others.


The activity in the recording studio has a fundamental role in my professional and artistic commitment. I lent my bass lines, double bass or some of my arrangements, to different records or video productions of many colleagues and fellow musicians.

losacco contrabbasso jazz
antonello losacco in new york


  • April 2018 in New York City, live with guitarist Charlie Apicella & Iron City. (Charlie Apicella nominated on Downbeat 2019).
  • January 2019 creator and main organizer of the first tour in Italy of the New York saxophone player Eric Wyatt (whose godfather is the legendary Sonny Rollins) with Eric Wyatt Italian 4tet.
  • November 2019 organizer and co-leader of the tour with the New York saxophonist Jed Levy, with the L&L Ny Connection project.


Some selected record publications
  • Novaetere
  • Samba delle Streghe
    (Os Argonautas/Digressione music 2015, feat J. Morelembaum, M. Godard, D. Di Bonaventura);
  • Ipcress Files
    (Ismez live/Ismez 2016, feat. F. Bosso, G. Falzone, R. Ottaviano, G. Burk, D. Caliri, G. Lenoci, ecc);
  • BackFromStudio
    (KluBasic record 2016);
  • Amphibious
    (Pasquale Buongiovanni Glare7tet/Angapp music 2019);
  • Tesoro Di Carta
    (Di Liberto – Losacco/Angapp 2019);
  • Come una canzone
    (Dino Plasmati quintet/Angapp 2019);
  • JAQ
    (Jazz Art Quartet/Angapp 2020);
  • Respira
    (Antonello Losacco with strings/GleAM records 2022).

Arrangement activities

The arrangement activity has gained increasing importance, composition and orchestration for larger and varied ensembles, from the rhythmic-symphonic orchestra to the string quartet, to combos expanded with wind instruments.

I was one of the arrangers of the rhythmic-symphonic orchestra Maxima Orchestra, and some of my arrangements were played by Sarah Jane Morris, Mario Rosini, Vince Tempera, Tony Remy.

Currently I am the arranger of the Metropolitan Music Art orchestra conducted by M°, B. Tassone.


Antonello Losacco jazz in puglia

Tesoro di carta

Tesoro di Carta is my first album as co-leader, imagined and recorded alongside an artist of enormous experience and sensitivity: the pianist and composer from Cagliari Alessandro Di Liberto.

Alessandro taught piano jazz at the Conservatory of Bari, where we met and became friends.

When I spoke to Alessandro in 2018 about my desire to record something together, I was very happy because he not only seemed happy with the idea, but he also relaunched by proposing a real album and shared project, as a duo.

The album consists entirely of original compositions by the both of us and ends with three impromptu improvisations: Impro 1, 2 and 3.

A Sera, Airone, Tesoro di Carta, Un Mese Fa and In Ascolto, are my signature compositions; Not Too Late, Maiden’s Voltage, A Dream and Reminiscenze are by Alessandro (who also edited all the arrangements).

The intimacy of the duo allows full expressive and dynamic freedom, the timbres of the instruments resonate in all their shades and the sound of the album looks fresh and fluid.

In the album besides the piano and the double bass, my semiacoustic 6-string bass appears (mod. Woodviber).

antonello losacco jazz quartet in bari


JAQ is the first record work of the "Jazz Art Quartet". This artistic experience was born from the collaboration and friendship with the guitar player from Matera Dino Plasmati, with whom I shared dozens of adventures (also alongside international artists around the peninsula).

We decided to create a quartet to measure ourselves with a new sound and based on original compositions.

The drummer Gianlivio Liberti and the pianist Francesco Schepisi, both modern musicians, completed the group.

Starting from the beginning, the natural energy and feeling within the quartet were evident. The creative contribution of us all was fundamental, just as each one had equal expressive spaces in the balance of the arrangements of each piece.

Given the particular characteristics of the group I decided to rework and give new perspectives to some of my compositions already present in Tesoro di Carta (Airone and Un Mese Fa) in addition to the most recent and unpublished Quel Momento.

The album is completed by compositions signed by Schepisi and Plasmati.

The album sees me engaged almost exclusively to the double bass (also with bow and effects) and on a couple of tracks to the electric bass.

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